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Real Life Real Talk

Our monthly gatherings for TEEN GIRLS will address healthy relationships, character building, self awareness, self-esteem, and spiritual development.


SE Boys Mentoring

A Mentorship Program sponsored by Soaring Eagles YFS in partnership with McLain High School. The mentorship is for boys 8th through 12th grades currently enrolled at McLain HS.

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June 1 & 2, 2018

Event: Girls Teen Summit 2018

The Girls’ Teen Summit is a two day workshop and panel discussion where teenage girls are given an opportunity to listen to speakers on topics most relevant to young ladies today. The entire day is designed to pour into the young ladies while simultaneously breaking down the walls they’ve built. After just two summits, we have had overwhelmingly positive results and feedback from teachers and students. Young ladies have reported to have improved behavior and change their minds towards bad habits in their past.

2018 Girls Teen Summit

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