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What is our mission?

Soaring Eagles Youth & Family Services (SEYFS) engages, educates and empowers at-risk youth and families through providing education, resources and intentionally-designed programs that provide them the life-skills and strategies they need to re-write their stories, define their futures, and succeed in life.

“Doubling the national rate, Oklahoma imprisons 151 out of 100,000 women, ranking it number 1 as the state with the most incarcerated women.”


Our Vision

Soaring Eagles Youth and Family Service’s vision is to help low-income and moderate families in inner cities and rural communities attain better opportunities in life. We accomplish these goals through hosting annual teen summits, individual and family counseling, financial literacy programs, and college preparation workshops.  We also offer health and fitness education, and technology enrichment to assist in professional and personal development. Our holistic approach targets mind, body, and spirit as well as self esteem building. We serve the community with access to resources that enable them to be self-sufficient and live a successful, rewarding life.

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Before I close 2017 year out I want to extend a huge thanks to Iron Mountain Black colleagues for their generous donation towards my 2018 Girls’ Teen Summit!! Thank you for your support!!Today is Giving Tuesday! Please consider partnering with us to help change the lives of young people and families in our community. We offer mentorship programs for teen boys and girls. Below is a short documentary of our 2016 Girls’ Teen Summit documentary that we host each year to our teen girls. Your support is greatly appreciated!
Partner today by clicking on the Donate button or by clicking on the following link: https://youtu.be/GWw0YhYl9mg
#givingtuesdayNational Center for Mental Promotion reports People who have experience Trauma are:
15 times more likely to attempt suicide
4 times more likely to become an alcoholic
4 times more likely to develop a sexually transmitted disease4 times more likely to inject drugs.
3 times more likely to use antidepressant medication
3 times more likely to be absent from work
3 times more likely to experience depression
3 times more likely to have serious job problems
2.5 times more likely to smoke
2 times more likely to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Early intervention with counseling is most essential to ward off these alarming statistics. Soaring Eagle’s Y.F.S. partners with trained counselors who help individuals and families utilize effective tools with issues stemming from past childhood trauma. If you or know someone suffering from childhood trauma please give us a call.
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Counseling Services

When the stress of everyday life becomes overwhelming, where will you and your family go for help?

Soaring Eagles Youth and Family Services believes that children, teens, adults and families need tools to manage their day to day life. We partner with trained counselors that offer support and intervention, that teach life-skills, empower individuals, and help  families navigate life’s challenges.


Our Services:
Case Management Services:
Individual & Family Counseling
Financial Management
Premarital & Marriage Counseling
Educational/Career Prep
Group Counseling
Assistant with Medical Needs
Life Skills Coaching
Legal Assistant​​
Personal & Professional Development Workshops
Teen Mentorship

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