Soaring Eagle Mentee Hoping to Inspire Others

Delashay Lawrence is the first in her family to step foot on a college campus and she’s already inspiring other students.

Helping At-Risk Youth

Soaring Eagle’s Youth and Family Services is hosting its 6th annual Girls’ Teen Summit  for at-risk teen girls.

Volunteer Spotlight- Girls’ Teen Summit

Why is this event important to you? I volunteer at the Girls’ Teen Summit because I want to provide a story of hope for ladies who are struggling to keep going.

Soaring Eagles Mentee Accepted to Harvard Summer Program

Delashay Lawrence is a sophomore at Booker T. who is hoping to have 8 college credits by the end of summer from one of the most prominent universities in the country.

Porshe Smiley

I am in Tulsa at the 2017 Girls’ Teen Summit.

People & Places: 2018 Women of the Year/Pinnacle Awards Announced

Ten women will be honored for their efforts to help create a better community at the 2018 Women of the Year-Pinnacle Awards.


Premadonna Braddick gives hope to young girls facing challenges.